The Adventurist: Pacific Northwest Edition

One day I decided I wanted to go to Oregon. This was probably a byproduct of scrolling through Pinterest seeing images of Crater Lake and beautiful rivers, but I like to think my wanderlust radar just thought of it on its own. Naturally, I also became intrigued by Washington, and then British Columbia is just SO CLOSE to Washington, so obviously, I wanted to go there too. Regardless of how the Pacific Northwest piqued my interest, once I decided I wanted to go, I had to go.

And so I did.

For eight days my mom and I drove across Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, staying in a different hotel in a different city every single night. We put 2,300 miles on our Subaru Forrester, which we named Amelia, and made thousands of memories while exploring the greenest and most diverse landscape I’ve ever witnessed.

If I were to document every moment of every day of the trip, we would be here all night. Instead, I’ll give you the TL;DR version in the form of a list of the highest (and lowest) points of the trip. Continue reading The Adventurist: Pacific Northwest Edition