No one wants to be boring. While we each have our own opinion of what constitutes as “fun,” everyone loves to have it. For me, traveling, teaching, and riding horses are the most exhilarating. But not everyone agrees. In fact, during 2017, someone told me I was boring. Most likely because our ideas of “fun” were not compatible. Regardless, it made me realize I needed to do my best to have morefun. So, in 2018, I set out to prove them wrong. Continue reading Boring.

The Adventurist: One Happy Island


As I write this, I am sitting on a beach chair under a palapa with sugary white sand beneath me and crystal turquoise water in front of me. It’s my last day in Aruba. If my friends never see me again, it’s because I didn’t get on my plane to come home.

Every summer, I look for a new tropical location to test out. Aruba first came up in conversation last year as we discussed potential destinations, but we settled on Dominican Republic (pre-Delta Diaries). This year, after being slightly disappointed with the beach/water/sand in the DR, Aruba was once again an option. I had read great things about the little island, so I began looking for accommodations and flights. Continue reading The Adventurist: One Happy Island